As a one-stop destination, 24Auro offers a contemporary take on with a bespoke collection of gold infused skincare products and beauty devices, from exclusive brands such as Mimi Luzon, Gold Elements, Aurarius, Aperio, and Telosin, it provides a nurturing space for body, mind, and soul. A rare and intimate sanctuary for a most discerning clientele eager to give their skin the royal treatment.

Gold is one of the most precious and rare elements on Earth.

The timeless beauty of gold. A gift of nature favoured by kings and emperors, queens and princesses, not only for its value, but also for its numerous beauty benefits.
Believed to possess special healing powers, it was used as a beauty product by Egyptians who were early practitioners of the art of gold. Legend has it that Queen Cleopatra herself used to apply a gold-infused facial mask every night in her palace in Alexandria, indulging in the natural anti-aging features of the inestimable metal, enhancing her complexion’s lustre.

Gold is the Holy Grail of beauty

Through centuries it endured and, in the present, it rises again, embraced by a multigenerational clientele willing to luxuriate in the new golden age of beauty.


A name born out of gold itself, “auro” meaning gold in Latin. Going back to the source of gold to extract its true spirit, not only its pure aesthetics and indulgent luxury, but also its ability to heal inflammation, slow the ageing process, boost collagen and lend a radiant glow to the skin.

Steeped in authenticity and brimming with diversity, the offering of 24Auro celebrates gold, in all its form and through the means of various technologies, as the ultimate source of antiaging and anti-inflammatory properties, instilling a sense of peace and timeless elegance
where beauty is elevated to grace.

Envisioned as an all-rounded experience, 24Auro is the ultimate pampering journey, delighting its clientele with not only a whole range of beauty products but also facial treatments. Visiting 24Auro will be a truly wonderful reality tailored for smart, busy, confident, and knowledgeable women and man who want the best there is to offer – a mecca for the ones who appreciate a premium service.

24Auro is an invitation to take the time to find gold in beauty. Time to think about how to slow down aging and look young again. Time to wonder, be amazed, and see the astounding benefits of gold, all in one singular and highly dedicated place.